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Florida: Mission Everglades at Zoo Miami

Miami, Florida

Completed: June, 2016


Project Descrption:

Florida: Mission Everglades will take children and adults alike into the different habitats found in the heart of Florida. Guests come face-to-face with a ferocious bear as they explore hammocks and pinelands, and slide through the water where river otters play. Guests experience alligators and crocodiles in a new way as they wander over a rickety bridge and an acrylic underwater tube. These exhibits come together to help visitors understand Zoo Miami’s collective mission of trying to save the Florida Everglades. This one-of-a-kind exhibit is rivaled only by an actual trip to the Everglades.

Project Scope:

The Nassal Company worked closely with PJA Architects and PCL Construction to recreate state-of-the-art animal enclosures that mimic and showcase the natural beauty and environment of the Florida Everglades. Nassal’s scope included fabricating all artifical rockwork found throughout the zoo’s animal enclosures, and interactive encounter and viewing areas that feature alligators, crocodiles, otters, a black bear, panthers and an aviary exhibit. Nassal also fabricated and installed the zoo’s new entrance, which includes colorful silhouette cutouts of some of the zoo’s most iconic animals.