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Gorillas of the African Forest

Houston Zoo

Completed: January, 2015


Project Descrption:

 The adventure begins as guests enter the African Forest, trekking down a path that emerges into a village trading outpost. Guests are immersed in a lush African Forest as they explore the small, round huts that surround a fire pit. Exploring deeper into this sprawling African landscape, guests will have a chance to experience some of the remarkable creatures found in the Congo Basin, such as gorillas, chimpanzees, white rhinos, kudu, antelope, ostriches, giraffes and cheetahs.

Project Scope:

 The Nassal Company created a one of a kind Gorilla exhibit with enormous fallen deadfall shotcrete trees with structural steel on the interior which create a bridge for the Gorillas to pass over the muddy shotcrete ravine where Red River Hogs play about. Nassal formed massive shotcrete mudbank containment walls, stone sheer walls with cascading waterfalls and realistic vines, along with shotcrete trees in the interior play room with supportive hemp swinging vines.  The General Contractor on the project was W.S. Bellows, and project designer was The Portico Group.